Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Storage Case – 3 Large and 4 Small Drawers

Acrylic cosmetic makeup storage case

An Acrylic cosmetic makeup storage case can fit all of your cosmetics and beautifying products into one large customized makeup organizer for your bathroom counter or vanity.

I think you will find this makeup storage case practical and beautiful but most of all affordable!

Practical, Modern and Beautiful

This slick and modern clear cosmetic case can hold several different makeup items in one place and fits on most dressers.

Features include removable dark mesh cushioning that keep your cosmetics secured and set up just the way you like.

This organizer has three spacious drawers and also has four smaller drawers for your smaller items.

A Beautiful Way To Display Your Makeup

Delightfully display and organize your cosmetics and brushes inside this beautiful clear case.

These acrylic cosmetic makeup storage cases are ideal for putting away lipsticks, foundation, bronzers, blush, eye shadows, liners, powders, and a great deal more.

Having a acrylic cosmetic makeup storage case is not only beautiful to look at but it’s a practical and convenient way to show case your awesome makeup collection for any cosmetics!

More storage ideas for this organizer:

There are lots of other uses for these clear organizers. Here are some more ideas we like.

They can be utilized to store other items like hair accessories, jewelry and other individual items.

You can use them for small kitchen items or for sewing tools.

You can also use them for the office and put office supplies inside!


The Best Makeup Storage For Small Spaces

The best makeup storage for small spaces is usually because you don’t have a lot of space in your vanity area, these makeup organizers are great choices for your needs.

This small makeup organizer with drawers is perfect to fit your lipsticks, eye shadows, powders, and pencils.

Best Makeup Storage for Small Spaces

If you have always wanted to have a smaller more affordable way to organize your makeup items but can’t fit one of those large over-sized acrylic makeup organizers in your tiny little corner, this one will fit perfectly!

You can also stack them. If you buy two of them, just sit the other one on top of the bottom organizer.

Additionally, you can buy a separate brush holder to put on top.

Makeup Bags and Cases

Some makeup bags and cases are great if you are doing a lot of traveling but when it comes to using them at home they can be a bit harder to use.

Many times when you use a makeup bag, your makeup will go to the bottom of your bag or your makeup case and it isn’t large enough to hold all of your cosmetics.

So when it came to organizing my makeup, I needed to find something that worked at home.

I looked for one where I could see all of the products that I had yet keep it as small and compact as possible for a small space.

I’ve been searching for the best makeup storage for small spaces for quite some time now.

But have you seen how much they cost? Some of them are pretty pricey.

So when I found these smaller clear acrylic organizers, I got excited!

I found this organizer and it is small enough for a small counter top yet big enough to hold a lot of everyday products.

There are different sized drawers in this organizer that makes organizing all of your makeup products really easy.

From brushes to eye shadows, there is a place for everything. I use this organizer mainly for products that I use every day.

Here are a few of my favorite styles:


best makeup storage

InterDesign 3 Drawer Storage Organizer – Get It Here

Here is a simple but practical smaller makeup organizer that will fit perfectly on top of your bathroom counter or vanity. You can stack it with more organizers and it’s clear so you can see all of your makeup.


3 drawer makeup organizer

Sodynee Makeup Organizer Cosmetic Organizer – Get It Here

If you are looking for the best makeup storage, something small and compact that you can easily fit on your small bathroom counter, this is the organizer for you!

Its 11 in. wide by five in. tall and seven in. deep. You can stack another one right on top of it to save space and you can fit your everyday makeup inside.




Acrylic Makeup Organizer Review and Comparison

If you have been looking for an honest and straight forward acrylic makeup organizer review and comparison, you will like the following reviews.

Here you will find out what the differences are between the expensive styles verses the less expensive styles, including price comparisons, and most of all, what others think about these amazing organizers!

Here are a few organizers that I have taken a good look at.

They are all beautiful and practical and I have done all of the research for you.

I will start with prices going from highest to lowest.

Sherrieblossom Icebox wide

#1 The Sherrieblossom Icebox Makeup Organizer

This is the highest priced acrylic makeup organizer but it is also worth the money.

It’s high quality, will last for years and will not yellow or crack.

I personally own this brand of acrylic makeup organizer and can say first hand, it’s the best!

It’s very attractive in any decor and is handmade of the highest quality Lucite acrylic.

There are lots of different sizes offered with Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizers.

From the smaller more compact styles to larger wider styles.

Prices range from $275 to $415.

The Sherrieblossom Icebox Makeup Organizer is much thicker than most organizers and will last the longest and has more room than most of the other brands.

Recommended for:  Someone who doesn’t mind spending the extra money on quality, has lots of makeup or is a makeup artist.

Click here to find out more about the Sherrieblossom Icebox Makeup Organizer

For smaller makeup organizers and icebox makeup organizer dupes read my reviews below.

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clear makeup organizer

#2 The Whitmor 5 tier acrylic makeup organizer

This one looks a lot like the Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizer but is not the same as far as quality of acrylic.

It’s not as thick and could crack a lot easier.

With that aside, it is a good quality makeup organizer, much less money and will work for what you need.

To get this makeup organizer, click here!

  • Modern design for counter display
  • Flip top with extra large top and lower compartments
  • Clear acrylic for easy view of contents

This acrylic makeup organizer is made of acrylic, is extra large, has 5 compartments and has a flip top.

It is 12 inches by 12 inches 12 inches and it’s drawers are deep.

It’s the perfect size to put in your bathroom or on top of your vanity.

Price is $99.00



muji makeup organizer box#3 The Muji 5 Drawer makeup organizer

This makeup organizer is the best value because it is not only much more affordable than other organizers but the quality is pretty good.

It is a bit smaller than the Icebox makeup organizer but if you do not have a whole lot of makeup and have a smaller space then this one is for you.

To get the Muji makeup organizer, click here!

This one is priced at $59.00


To read more information about these organizers, click here.


Modular Acrylic Makeup Organizers Customize Your Makeup Organizer Yourself

modular acrylic makeup organizer Custom modular acrylic makeup organizers.

How sweet is this? I found these modular acrylic makeup organizers that allow you to customize how you organize your makeup.

You can buy them separately and put them together yourself.

You can buy as many pieces/sections as you want or as little as you want.

Customize your makeup organization the way you want to do it. Now you don’t have to buy those super expensive acrylic makeup organizers that are already assembled.

Modular acrylic makeup organizers are affordable  and easy to put together! Just stack them on top of each other or you can put them right beside each other.

Click here to buy the modular acrylic makeup organizer!

Look at the picture above. It has about 8 sections and the drawers are removable so you can re-arrange them.

These modular acrylic makeup organizers are completely clear and they look so pretty on your bathroom counter or your vanity! When you stack them on top of each other and they will not move around.

Also, if you don’t have much makeup yet, you can buy just a few sections and then add more as you build your makeup collection. Just add another section as you go!

Separately the prices range between $11.99 to about $30.00 per piece but you can mix and match and your organizer will be lower in price. Or if you want more sections then the price will be a little bit more. It all depends on how many sections you put together.

The one below is probably around $100.00. Not bad considering some of the more expensive acrylic makeup organizers go for around $400.00!

Here is what some of the sections look like separately. So now you can see how easy it is to just buy a few and put them together yourself. modular acrylic makeup organizer section 1modular acrylic makeup organizer section 2modular acrylic makeup organizer section 3modular acrylic makeup organizer


Buy the modular acrylic makeup organizer here!

Alternatives To The Icebox Makeup Organizer – Acrylic Makeup Organizers That Won’t Drain Your Bank Account!

If you are looking for alternatives to the Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizer and still want the quality and sleek look but just can’t afford the hefty price tag then I have some options you might like.

Are you a makeup lover and enjoy organizing your makeup and buying new makeup and trying the latest products as much as I do?

The problem is that I have so much of it that I need an organized and beautiful way to store it.

I like the Icebox makeup organizer. It is a high quality organizer and looks beautiful but I just can’t afford the high price tag.

So, if you are like me and you have searched the internet to find something like the icebox makeup organizer and the more you look around for a nice, quality acrylic makeup organizer the more you keep finding out that the price tag is way to high for your budget.

Let’s face it, we all love the beauty, sleekness and quality of the clear Icebox makeup organizer but it’s just too expensive for most people.

I did some research and found these beautiful and high quality acrylic makeup organizer alternatives that are identical to the more expensive Icebox makeup organizer versions.

They serve the same purpose but are a fraction of the cost to the more expensive version.

Here are some cheaper options:

Option #1 – This acrylic makeup organizer is just like the Icebox, has 5 tiers and is made of high quality acrylic.

It has a hinge lid and can hold a huge amount of makeup.

clear makeup organizer
Whitmor 5 Tier Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer $99.99 Click Here To Buy!




Option #2 – A makeup organizer that has the same features as above but comes with the option of crystal knob handles or regular acrylic handles.



clear acrylic makeup organizer
Acrylic Makeup Cosmetics Organizers with 5 Drawers $99.95 Buy It Here!









Option #3 – The On Display acrylic cosmetic makeup organizer is a little more expensive but has an extra drawer and has deeper drawers.

Lot’s of great reviews too!


acrylic makeup organizer
OnDisplay 7 Tier Acrylic Cosmetic/Makeup Organizer $159 Get It Here!


Shop our Acrylic Makeup Organizer Store for more affordable makeup organizer alternatives !

If you are shopping from the UK, here is a link to some alternative makeup organizers