eDiva Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Lediva makeup organizerook at what I found! A really cute acrylic makeup organizer called the eDiva!

The eDiva acrylic makeup organizer has all of the same features and beauty as the more expensive acrylic makeup organizers but is much more affordable.

It’s a place to store your cosmetics without scrambling to find your makeup.

It’s all there in your clear makeup organizer so that you can find everything easily and most of all quickly!

The eDiva is made of quality acrylic and will never yellow.

There are lots of great features to this organizer and there are two designs to choose from.

One feature I love is the rounded top which is unique to the eDiva acrylic makeup organizer and it has lots of space to store everything including your nail polishes!

It’s pictured to the left of this article and if you want one you can just click the picture or click the link below with the price.



ediva makeup organizer
eDiva – Princess Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer w/ 6 Drawers – $267

The eDiva Princess – which has 6 drawers and is the largest of the two styles. It’s only $267.00

It’s features include:

4 Grids that are adjustable.
The drawers measure 12″ W X 12″ D X 16 ” T and the bottom is larger for nail polishes.
A unique rounded top that is really pretty!
The drawers are jam proof and slide out easily.
There is a guarantee non yellowing and will not crack and there is a 1 Year Warranty.




ediva makeup organizer 1
eDiva Duchess Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer w/ 5 Drawers -$198


The eDiva Duchess  – which has 5 drawers and it’s features are:

3 Grid dividers that are adjustable.
10″ W X 10″ D X 12″ T
The top is rounded.
Jam proof drawers that slide easily.
A guarantee with this one too and a 1 year warranty.

The Duchess is only $198.00!

The best part of this beautiful makeup organizer is that it is affordable and they both have a guarantee that it won’t yellow or crack and a warranty too!

A More Affordable Acrylic Makeup Organizer

makeup organzierThe Affordable Acrylic Makeup Organizer

When you are in a rush and don’t have time to search for your makeup, you will need to have an easy way to find your makeup and that’s when affordable acrylic makeup organizers are a must!

If you are really in love with the Acrylic Makeup Organizer that is on the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, then you will love the affordable acrylic makeup organizers here!

I saw the Kardashian acrylic makeup organizer on the show and fell head over heels in love with it. I wanted one so bad that I spent a lot of time doing research for it on the Internet.

When I searched, I found a few that they were very expensive and it wasn’t within my budget so I searched around and found these alternatives to the more expensive version that the Kardashians have.

Click Here To See My Choices

I love the idea of having a makeup organizer that’s clear because it’s much easier to find what you need if you have a lot of cosmetics and if you are like me you like to keep everything neat and easy to find.

These affordable makeup organizers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and are made with acrylic material.

There are so many different types of organizers available now. All you need to do is do a search on the web and they are everywhere but some of them are a bit too expensive.

They are high quality and will last forever and are probably worth the investment but if you just can fit it into your budget there are alternatives.

Makeup Organizers are a great way to organize all of your makeup, skin care, nail polishes, small accessories, jewelry and more and at a great price!

They are perfect for organizing your vanity area. They can be used for organizing your lipsticks, eye shadow pots, eye liners, and makeup brushes and they have several compartments of different sizes for other cosmetics too. Clear acrylic makeup organizers are the most durable and the easiest to clean!

If you need extra makeup storage you can find it here!

Acrylic Makeup Organizers – A Great Way To Store Your Makeup And Cosmetics

acrylic makeup organizer 1Have you have been looking for a way to organize your makeup and store your cosmetics beautifully and easily?  Acrylic makeup organizers are the perfect thing to have to store them in.

Acrylic makeup organizers really are a convenient way to store your makeup! For those who have lot’s of it and want to keep everything neat. You will need to place it inside a clear acrylic organizer!

Store your shadows, lipsticks, blushes, foundation, makeup brushes, glosses and mascara, as well as your nail polish all inside a neat organized place with drawers. It’s not only likely to put all your products somewhere where one can locate fairly easily them but it’ll also safeguard your cosmetics.

You can make one of the drawers exclusively for your shadows and eye shadow palettes. Then the next drawer can be for storing all of your face makeup, like foundation, concealer, primer, and powder. You get the idea. It’s really very easy to do and neat and clean looking. Having the whole organizer clear is a great benefit because now you can see where everything is.

This particular acrylic makeup organizer is an attractive design and durable. It is so beautiful to look at and the drawers are smooth and slide out with ease.

It has clear pads on the bottom of it to keep it from sliding around on the counter top, and has a nice weight to it, this one is not flimsy. There are an assortment of dividers which are included. While I’m using mine for makeup storage, you can also store crafts, office supplies, jewelry or sewing supplies.

It’s just a beautiful way to store and display whatever you want it for. Another great feature is it makes it so easy to organize your makeup by sections.

These Organizers Are Wonderful To Keep Your Jewelry Too!

Are you aware that these organizers will also be an excellent place to keep your jewelry? I personally use mine for my makeup, cosmetics and use one drawer for my jewelry. I keep my bracelets, rings and ear-rings inside to ensure that they’re protected and do not get dirty and I only keep jewelry that I’ll be putting on through the week to.

This can help me out a great deal because before I’d go searching around in my ear-rings in one location after which go searching for my personal favorite necklace in another place and so forth also it required up an excessive amount of time. Now it’s all within the drawer! What a great time saving idea!


Kardashian Acrylic Makeup Organizer

The Popular Kardashian Acrylic Makeup Organizer

kardashian acrylic makeup organizerDo you have a lot of makeup?

If you do and would like to have the Kardashian acrylic makeup organizer that the sisters have and you have searched everywhere to find it, you don’t have to look any further.

You can have a Kardashian acrylic makeup organizer that is exactly like the one they have but it won’t cost you a fortune. If you want to own it too, you came to the right place.

These are my choices of what I believe to be the highest quality makeup organizers and are not only affordable but very useful in storing your cosmetic items.

Go here to see my selections!

The Kardashian sisters started it all because they have the best acrylic makeup organizer. It’s the kind of organizer you dream about and now it’s available for us all!

These acrylic makeup organizers are just like Kourtney, Kim and Kloe Kardashian’s.  You can have one too!

kardashian acrylic makeup organizer

Beautifully Store Your Makeup Collection

A lot of women have a whole lot of makeup and cosmetic products! I am definitely one of them!

Do you need a good way to keep track of all of your makeup and cosmetics and would you love to access whatever makeup you need right away?

Keeping all your cosmetics in a dark, closed cluttered drawer doesn’t help at all because your makeup is hidden away and it’s messy.

The best way to get it all organized is to get an Kardashian acrylic makeup organizer with drawers that is clear so you can see all of your makeup and keep all your beauty products together.

The Kardashian acrylic makeup organizer is the perfect thing to have to organize a variety of cosmetics and these organizers are large enough to store all of your makeup. And you can separate each makeup group into categories!

Take a look at some of the features that these acrylic makeup organizers have.

These large organizers are about 12 inches high and about 10 inches wide. The drawers are pretty deep as well so you can put lots of stuff inside. You can add inserts too so you can keep everything separated.