Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Storage Case – 3 Large and 4 Small Drawers

Acrylic cosmetic makeup storage case

An Acrylic cosmetic makeup storage case can fit all of your cosmetics and beautifying products into one large customized makeup organizer for your bathroom counter or vanity.

I think you will find this makeup storage case practical and beautiful but most of all affordable!

Practical, Modern and Beautiful

This slick and modern clear cosmetic case can hold several different makeup items in one place and fits on most dressers.

Features include removable dark mesh cushioning that keep your cosmetics secured and set up just the way you like.

This organizer has three spacious drawers and also has four smaller drawers for your smaller items.

A Beautiful Way To Display Your Makeup

Delightfully display and organize your cosmetics and brushes inside this beautiful clear case.

These acrylic cosmetic makeup storage cases are ideal for putting away lipsticks, foundation, bronzers, blush, eye shadows, liners, powders, and a great deal more.

Having a acrylic cosmetic makeup storage case is not only beautiful to look at but it’s a practical and convenient way to show case your awesome makeup collection for any cosmetics!

More storage ideas for this organizer:

There are lots of other uses for these clear organizers. Here are some more ideas we like.

They can be utilized to store other items like hair accessories, jewelry and other individual items.

You can use them for small kitchen items or for sewing tools.

You can also use them for the office and put office supplies inside!


Extra Acrylic Makeup Storage

acrylic makeup organizer and jewelry combo
Need extra makeup storage? I know I need more places to store my products because

I’m crazy about makeup and have a lot of makeup and cosmetics.

There are lots of easy ways you can add to your acrylic makeup organizer when you include a lipstick holder, a makeup brush holder a nail polish organizer or a place to put your q-tip swabs or your eye makeup remover squares.

There are lots of makeup storage choices. Here are a few I like…


The Acrylic Flower Makeup Brush Holder

flower makeup brush holder
This adorable flower makeup brush holder is perfect for the makeup brushes you use the most.
It’s made of clear Lucite acrylic and will hold your eye pencils and lip pencils and is a perfect addition to your clear acrylic makeup organizer.

You can set it on top or put it beside your beautiful clear makeup organizer.
The only thing that most people say they are surprised at how many brushes and pencils it will hold because it is smaller than what they expected.

You can get it here for only $8.49!


The Clear Cotton Ball and Swab Organizer

cotton ball and cotton swab holder
This clear cotton ball and swab organizer is clear so that you can see when your running low.
It has two sections so that you can keep your swabs in one side and your cotton balls in the other.
It’s very easy to clean. All you need is a little soap and water.
It is resistant to cracks.
It’s made of clear acrylic.
The measurements are 6″L x 3.375″W x 3.625″H

Get the cotton ball and swab organizer here for $9.95!


The Acrylic Makeup Organizer and Jewelry Chest Combo

two piece makeup organizer

This little makeup and jewelry storage chest is made of clear acrylic and has two pieces to it.

It comes with black padding that is removable for each drawer so that everything stays in place.
It also comes with a detachable top section that you can either set on top of the drawers or set it beside the drawers.
This set has 4 removable drawers that slide out smoothly.
The measurements are  9 3/8″W x 5 3/8″D x 7 1/4″H.

Get this makeup organizer here for only $20.00!


The Clear Acrylic Nail Polish Holder

clear nail polish organizer

This is a clear nail polish organizer that holds over 30 nail polishes.
It has 6 tiers and has a front guard so the polishes don’t fall off.
It also has a really great extra drawer feature that is perfect to store extra nail items.
Made of clear acrylic.
Its measurements are 6.7″ W X 5.7″ H X 6.3″ D.
It also has a side storage area for files and cuticle scissors.

You can get this nail polish organizer here for $35!