The Spinning Cosmetic Organizer And Makeup Organizer

spinning cosmetic organizer
Spinning Cosmetic Organizer

The spinning cosmetic organizer was made to clear clutter from your vanity. If you don’t have enough counter space and your counter top is full of cosmetics and other items, this is the right organizer for you.

The spinning organizer can hold lots of cosmetics, toiletries, tall cans and bottles. It twirls around so that you can reach everything in an instant and makes your life much easier.  You don’t have to shove everything under the sink or into a drawer you can just put it in the spinning cosmetic organizer and your done.

This kind of organizer is perfect for home or in a hair salon and can be used as a hair care product holder as well. You can put tall aerosol cans on it with frizz serums, volume sprays, hair spray, smoothing lotions and texture creams. I am a hairdresser and I use this same one inside my cabinet next to my hair station.

You can also use the spinning cosmetic organizer to hold your face creams, face wash, body lotions, shaving supplies, vitamins, nail polishes and makeup brushes. As you can see from the picture, the top section is perfect for your makeup brushes so you don’t have to buy a separate makeup brush holder.

This spinning cosmetic organizer is 12 inches wide x 16 inches tall. It’s made of high quality plastic and has a see through guard on the perimeter of it so your products won’t fall off when you spin it.

Put it on your counter in the bathroom or on your vanity area. It’s so nice and easy because everything is out in the open, you don’t need to go opening drawers or going through compartments to find what you need.

All you need is right there in a neat little organizer. It’s worth the money when you have limited counter space. Make your morning routine much faster and easier with this organizer!