Modular Acrylic Makeup Organizers Customize Your Makeup Organizer Yourself

Custom modular acrylic makeup organizers.

How sweet is this? I found these modular acrylic makeup organizers that allow you to customize how you organize your makeup.

You can buy them separately and put them together yourself.

You can buy as many pieces/sections as you want or as little as you want.

Customize your makeup organization the way you want to do it. Now you don’t have to buy those super expensive acrylic makeup organizers that are already assembled.

Modular acrylic makeup organizers are affordable  and easy to put together! Just stack them on top of each other or you can put them right beside each other.

Click here to buy the modular acrylic makeup organizer!

Look at the picture above. It has about 8 sections and the drawers are removable so you can re-arrange them.

These modular acrylic makeup organizers are completely clear and they look so pretty on your bathroom counter or your vanity! When you stack them on top of each other and they will not move around.

Also, if you don’t have much makeup yet, you can buy just a few sections and then add more as you build your makeup collection. Just add another section as you go!

Separately the prices range between $11.99 to about $30.00 per piece but you can mix and match and your organizer will be lower in price. Or if you want more sections then the price will be a little bit more. It all depends on how many sections you put together.

The one below is probably around $100.00. Not bad considering some of the more expensive acrylic makeup organizers go for around $400.00!

Here is what some of the sections look like separately. So now you can see how easy it is to just buy a few and put them together yourself.

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